• Rebel Edition to Magnum Edition Upgrade

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    Please enter the 16-digit serial number from the bottom of your Term-LAB Interface box.

    This will upgrade the Term-LAB Rebel Edition interface to a Term-LAB Magnum Edition.

    NOTE: You must own a Term-LAB Rebel Edition with FOUR input ports on the front panel. The original 2-port Rebel cannot be upgraded.

    This is a software upgrade. Nothing will be shipped.

    Please allow 24 hours for processing and then check your email (and spam folder) for an email with upgrade instructions.


    ALL Four Input Ports Active - The Term-LAB Magnum includes four peripheral input ports on the front panel. These ports may be used to connect Sensors, Power Probes, and future peripherals to the system.

    Digital Power Probe Compatible - (optional) More and more sound-off organizations are adopting amplifier power as a means of classifying competitors for competition purposes. The optional Term-LAB Power Probe peripheral will display real-time amplifier power measurements on the screen directly underneath the contestant’s SPL.

    Broadband RTA - The Term-LAB Magnum incorporates an XLR microphone input which may be used for full-bandwidth spectrum analysis. An integrated 48-Volt Phantom power supply provides the necessary voltages required by most XLR microphones. Users only need provide their own microphone in order to utilize these features.