• Term-LAB Magnum Measurement System


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    Meet the Magnum.

    The World's BEST SPL Meter.
    Made in the USA.

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    WHE, Inc. is proud to introduce the Term-LAB Magnum sound measurement system. For more than a decade, Term-LAB has set the standard for precise and consistent SPL measurements. Our award-winning sensor technology has revolutionized high sound pressure level measurements. The Term-LAB Magnum expands on this time-tested technology while integrating new features that will greatly enhance the performance, resolution, and capabilities our customers have grown to expect.

    "I am really excited about the Term-LAB Magnum. With more than 16 times the resolution of the original Term-LAB, an integrated Broadband RTA, and modular digital architecture, the Magnum is going to revolutionize sound measurement …. AGAIN!"

    Wayne Harris
    President and CEO of WHE, Inc.
    Included Components
    • Term-LAB Magnum Audio Analyzer Interface
    • Term-LAB Precision Digital SPL Super Sensor
    • 25-Foot Sensor Cable
    • 6-Foot USB Cable
    • NEW - "Military-style" hard case (photo shows old soft-sided case.)
    • Term-LAB Magnum Software
    • 1-Year Software Updates and Live Tech Support. After 1 year, the software will continue to operate; however, live tech support and updates will not be available unless maintenance is renewed. 
    • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    • IMPORTANT - Due to the nature of this product, we cannot offer refunds once the software has been activated. Thanks for your understanding
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    This video describes the steps necessary to measure basic Sound Pressure Level with the Term-LAB Magnum or Rebel.


    Four Input Ports - The Term-LAB Magnum includes four peripheral input ports on the front panel. These ports may be used to connect Sensors, Power Probes, and future peripherals to the system.

    Digital SPL Super Sensor - The Magnum sensor incorporates new digital conversion technology which improves both the dynamic range and measurement resolution for SPL measurements in excess of 185 dB. The sensor is used for making high sound pressure level measurements (up to 3K) and requires high SPL greater than 120 dB. This includes dual circuitry to allow for BOTH types of High SPL measurements including: Low Frequency, High SPL measurements AND Broadband, High SPL measurements.

    Digital Power Probe - (optional) More and more sound-off organizations are adopting amplifier power as a means of classifying competitors for competition purposes. The optional Term-LAB Power Probe peripheral will display real-time amplifier power measurements on the screen directly underneath the contestant’s SPL.

    Broadband RTA - The Term-LAB Magnum now incorporates an XLR microphone input which may be used for full-bandwidth spectrum analysis. An integrated 48-Volt Phantom power supply provides the necessary voltages required by most XLR microphones. Users only need provide their own microphone in order to utilize these features.

    Future-Proof Design - The Term-LAB Magnum already incorporates just about everything imaginable. But, just in case, the unit has the capability to accept an internal “daughter-card” PCB for anything we may dream up in the future.

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