• Term-LAB Rebel Measurement System


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    Meet the new Term-LAB Magnum "Rebel Edition".

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    The Term-LAB Magnum Rebel edition includes the same Term-LAB Magnum interface and Digital Super Sensor as our top-of-the-line Magnum product. The only difference is that the Rebel Edition software does not support some of the features provided by the Magnum.

    The Rebel Edition was created with the competitor in mind. It provides all of the core measurement capabilities of the Magnum at a more economical price. The system also provides a simple upgrade path for customers who decide they need all of the features offered by the Magnum at a later date. (The upgrade is a software download.)

    The Rebel Edition is compatible with the Term-LAB Digital Super Sensor (included), the optional Term-LAB Power Probe, and the optional Term-LAB Broadband RTA Microphone. The Rebel can be used simultaneously with a maximum of one sensor and one power probe.

    The Rebel cannot be used to host shows. (You can practice but can't save scores because the Rebel Edition software does not include database capabilities.)

    Included Components
    • Term-LAB Magnum Audio Analyzer Interface
    • Term-LAB Precision Digital SPL Super Sensor
    • 25-Foot Sensor Cable
    • 6-Foot USB Cable
    • Term-LAB Magnum Software
    • 1 Year Software Updates and Live Tech Support.¬†After 1 year, the software will continue to operate, however live tech support and updates will not be available unless maintenance is renewed.¬†
    • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    • IMPORTANT - Due to the nature of this product, we cannot offer refunds once the software has been activated. Thanks for your understanding
    • International Customers - Price does not included taxes and/ or duties (if any.)
    This video describes the steps necessary to measure basic Sound Pressure Levels with the Term-LAB Magnum or Rebel.

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