• Term-LAB Digital Power Probe Kit


    The Term-LAB Magnum Precision Power Probe peripheral adds amplifier power measurement capability to your Term-LAB Magnum or Rebel (not included).

    Adds more than 70 additional measurements to your Term-LAB Magnum or Rebel.

    • Real-Time True RMS Power Measurements
    • 200 Vrms Maximum Input Voltage
    • 400 Amps Maximum AC Current
    • Measures Single Ended or Bridged Amplifier Output
    Included Components
    • Precision Power Probe Interface
    • Inductive AC Current Clamp
    • Test Leads
    • 25-Foot Power Probe Cable

    Screen Shots

    True power readings are displayed on the primary readout (orange). The current and voltage waveforms may displayed on the scope. User selectable power related measurements can be assigned to the smaller DMM readouts to the right of the primary display.

    The Term-LAB Power Probe adds more than 70 additional measurements to the Term-LAB Magnum or Rebel. The user can assign these measurements to the various DMM readouts.


    Each channel in Term-LAB has three banks of DMM readouts. Each bank can display up to 5 DMM readouts. Each readout can be individually assigned by the user.