• dBDRA North American Championship Registration

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    The dBDRA North American Championship is an invitational event. Eligibility is based on participation at dBDRA events throughout the season. Do not purchase this item unless you are sure you have met the eligibility requirements for the Finals. Qualifying positions will be assigned in reverse order based on registration time. (First to register will be last to qualify.)


    1. Make sure your 2018 dBDRA membership is valid. If your membership is not valid you can purchase a membership here at this store.
    2. Review your competitor Stats Page at www.termpro.com. Identify all of the formats for which you are eligible to compete.
    3. Select each format(s) you want to compete in at the Finals. (You must select at least one format.)
    4. Select the location you wish to attend.
    5. Enter your Membership ID number.
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